Fresh fish

Fresh wild fish is New Wave’s speciality and we buy it daily from all around Britain’s coasts. Much of it is caught by small dayboats in Plymouth and Looe to ensure maximum freshness and sustainability. In addition, we buy a range of farmed species. Our team of prep staff works through the night to prepare your orders to meet your specifications, including descaling, filleting, pin-boning, trimming, etc.

Our fresh shellfish usually comes from Scotland or Cornwall. With the opening of our new unit in the Lizard Peninsula, we now have direct access to superb-quality, pot-caught live crab and live lobster direct from fishermen. In addition, we have a unique shellfish storage system in house, where lobsters and crabs are stored in low-density, live-in pods. We buy twice-weekly from the seafood hall in Rungis Market, Paris, where almost anything can be acquired with only a few days’ notice. All our molluscs come from Grade ‘A’ certified beds and, like all our seafood, are fully traceable. Please refer to the Seasonal Guide for the best time to buy fresh shellfish.

Smoked and Seafood Deli

We are delighted to offer a large selection of top-quality smoked fish, mainly from local producers such as the Severn and Wye Smokery. We also stock an impressive selection of other deli products, including seafood salad, salt cod, bottarga, fish eggs, caviar and rollmops. In addition to the range listed below, we buy regularly from Rungis Market, Paris, where we can source a vast range of items to order including fish soups, terrines and pâtés. Please ask our sales team for further details.

When catering for large numbers on a budget, frozen fish is hard to beat – you can buy seasonal fish at its peak, which keeps prices down, and it is available year round, so is extremely convenient. It also means that we can offer fish that is not found in British waters, such as tuna, swordfish and red snapper. We offer a large range of high-quality, individually frozen fillets and steaks of varying sizes, as well as a breaded and battered range. All can be cooked from frozen.

Frozen Seafood

We stock a comprehensive range of frozen shellfish from around the world, giving you greater variety and flexibility. This includes a wide selection of prawns (raw, cooked, whole or peeled), whitebait, soft-shelled crab, cleaned squid tubes, cooked crabmeat and lobster, and cleaned octopus from the Mediterranean. For your convenience, we also have breaded and battered seafood as well as seafood mix, which is ideal for fish pies. Many of the products are imported from overseas, so the prices can fluctuate according to exchange rates.