Live and fresh shellfish

Live shellfish is one of our principal specialities and we buy it daily – mainly from Cornwall, Devon and Scotland.

Mussels, clams and cockles Coming from Brixham every day, packed in 500g, 1kg or 5kg bags, all with health marks, etc. Fantastic quality from

Live crab and crabmeat We will also be having a delivery of live cock crabs from Salcombe, as well as handpicked crabmeat and more live crab from Paignton. Our brown crabmeat is also superb.

Rock oysters Superb, available daily from Colchester. Native oysters are now out of season.

Cornish lobsters are starting to come through and the price is finally starting to ease up.

Langoustine Bright red, lively, amazing quality and creel-caught in Scotland. These come to us in seawater tanks and are generally available Thursday and Friday, subject to weather. Please pre-order.

Diver-caught scallops We get these from the north of Scotland, delivered to us in seawater tanks. We buy medium, large and extra large. These are generally available for Thursday delivery onwards, again subject to weather. We also have a diver who collects scallops for us from Dartmouth Bay.

Razor clams Wherever possible, we buy hand-dived razor clams from northern Scotland or north Cornwall. We normally have them most days, subject to weather. 

We offer an extensive range, including lobster, crab, rock and native oysters, mussels, clams and scallops. We also provide our own River Thames signal crayfish when in season and have a shellfish tank on site containing live lobster.

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