New Wave in association with......

Over the years we have built fantastic relationships with not only our customers but also our suppliers. We are proud to have links with the following companies and organisations.

Plymouth market, Sutton harbour (dayboat fish)

Richard Newman of Starfish, Looe (dayboat fish)

Richard spent many years fishing on dayboats in Cornwall, but he now buys on Looe market every morning as well as several other direct landings each week. We buy top-quality dayboat inshore fish through him every day and the quality is always outstanding.

Paul Male of Snowdens Paul has been in the seafood business nearly all his life and we enjoy a good relationship with Snowdens in Cardiff, who provide us with local wild seabass, laver bread and a whole host of other 'bits and pieces' from all over Scotland and the UK.

Snowdens of Cardiff (wild Welsh and Scottish fish)

Brixham Seafarms for our mussels, palourdes, cockles and oysters

Le Lien Ltd  (imported farmed species)

Blue Seafood Company (Brixham-based crabmeat supplier)

Islay Crab, scallops, wild salmon, seatrout

Severn and Wye smokery (smoked products and wild salmon)

Bibury Trout Farm (trout and smoked trout)

Salcombe Crab and Lobster

Shetland fish Auction Strategically placed at the very heart of Northern Europe's rich fishing grounds, Shetland's fish markets are ideally suited to attract landings of  premium quality fish at the peak of freshness.

Marine Stewardship Council

Responsible Fishing Scheme

Seafish (the government body for fish)

NSF International The Public Health and Safety Organization